Thanks for choosing Angelfire
as your Web hosting provider.

Without our members, we wouldn't exist, and we're happy to have you aboard. To take full advantage of all Angelfire has to offer you, please carefully note the following information:

How to create and edit your web pages

When you signed up for Angelfire, we automatically built you an index.html page to get you started. But, we'll be honest with you, it's not a very exciting page. You signed up because you were interested in building a page, and we want to help you do that. Personalize your page today and make it yours.

Website Building Tools

Angelfire currently offers two different tools to help you build your website. The first is Angelfire's Site Builder. The Site Builder tool doesn't require you to know a bit of code. Using its easy to understand interface, you can freely type, drag and drop photos, website widgets (add-ons), other media (videos, audio and documents) and add new pages to your website in a matter of minutes.

We also have an ever growing library of website templates for you to choose from that have been created by some very talented designers.

You can also use the Site Builder Express. Fill out a few fields of information, pick a template style and you're done! The application auto-fills the website with the information you provided, so you'll have a website up and running within minutes!

The second tool is the Angelfire Web Shell. If you have the know-how to write your own HTML & CSS, the Advanced Web Shell can be used as a text editor to create and write your own files.

If you need help with writing HTML, the Basic Editor has a set-up wizard to take you through steps where you can fill out your own information, and the Web Shell will generate the HTML for you.

Angelfire also provides some sample HTML templates that you can copy and paste into the Advanced Editor to get you a head start on building your website. Also, we offer a CGI and Javascript library to help you spice up your website.

Desktop Building and Publishing Tools

  1. HTML Editing Software: You can write HTML and create web pages on your computer's hard drive using a wide range of free and for-pay programs, such as CutePage, HomeSite, Dreamweaver, etc. You will then need to use an FTP program (see next item) to upload the pages you create to your Angelfire directory, via our FTP server.
  2. FTP server: FTP (file transfer protocol) is a good way to move multiple files directly from your desktop to your Angelfire account. You will need to use an FTP client such as CuteFTP, Filezilla, FireFTP or Fetch. Some Web browsers also support FTP.
  3. Microsoft Office and FrontPage: If you own either of these products, you can use web folders to save documents right to your Angelfire account. For information on using Microsoft Office and FrontPage with Angelfire check our FrontPage FAQ.

We hope that you will find hosting your site on Angelfire easy and fun, and that you will enjoy our service for years to come.

Welcome to the family!
Team Angelfire

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