What is remote loading?

Remote loading is the practice of using your Angelfire Free account for the purpose of storing files (MP3s, images, etc.) for use on another site, or as backup. Examples of remote loading include:

  • Storing images in your Angelfire directory for use on an auction site.
  • Posting an image from your Angelfire directory to a message board.
  • Using a banner ad in your Angelfire directory to promote your page on a non-Angelfire site.
  • Using images in your Angelfire directory on another Web site hosting provider.

Unless otherwise specified, remote loading is not allowed. Angelfire Free members who knowingly engage in remote loading may have their accounts terminated without warning.

Why is remote loading not allowed on Angelfire Free accounts?

Remote loading is responsible for excessive bandwidth consumption, which is the largest expense associated with hosting millions of member sites. To limit this expense and keep our Free homepage plan as an option for our members, we do not allow remote loading on Free accounts.

I'm using remote loading to promote my Angelfire site. Is that OK?

No. While hosting an ad that appears on another site might be an effective way to promote your Angelfire homepage, it's better to give a copy of the file to the person hosting the remote site.

What if someone else tries to remote load a file from my site? Will I lose my account?

No. Angelfire will simply block the remote loading of the file from your member directory. When someone tries to load the image they will see a default image like this:

Image hosted by Angelfire

Is remote loading allowed on Paid Accounts?

Yes! file sharing (another term for remote loading) is one of the perks associated with our Angelfire subscription plans.